Reverend David Smith

Rev. David Smith was born in the parish of Leuchars, County Fife, near St. Andrews, Scotland on July 8, 1732, the ninth of ten children. In the late 1730s, not yet a teenager, David began his studies. In 1749 David Smith was accepted at the University of St. Andrews and undertook his final training for the Burgher ministry under James Fisher, one of the original four, for a periods of four or five years (1752-1756).

Reverend Daniel Cock

Reverend Daniel Cock was born at Clydesdale (Scotland) and was ordained minister of Greenock. He was also a professor of divinity at the Associate Synod College. He was elected Moderator in 1755. In August, 1767, he was appointed to America for a year, but did not go. The same year that he arrived in Truro (1770), he returned to Scotland for his family. He was settled in Truro in 1772, and died in 1805.

Peter Jones

Peter Jones (1802-1856) or to use his Ojibwe name, Kahkewaquonaby (“Sacred Feathers”), became in 1833 the first ordained Indigenous Methodist minister in what is now Canada. Thanks to him, and to other Aboriginal Methodist workers, a solid First Nations Methodist Church was established in southern Ontario in the 1820s and 1830s.

Stella Burry

Stella Annie Burry was born in Greenspond, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland, on August 11, 1897.

At a time when getting an education was considered secondary for girls, Burry’s mother was insistent that Stella obtain a good education. She attended the Methodist school in Greenspond.