About the Program

The Archives Circle comprises the General Council Archives and all Regional United Church Archives located throughout Canada. Its goal in overseeing the Honouring Our Heritage program is to

  • promote knowledge of, and interest in, the history of the United Church
  • develop criteria and guidelines to encourage Communities of Faith and Regions to be aware of, and to seek appropriate commemoration of, United Church historic sites within their jurisdiction
  • be the denomination’s agent in the relation to possible United Church related national monuments.

The Archives Circle is pleased to introduce the “Honouring Our Heritage – Celebrating The United Church of Canada Historic Commemorations Program” to encourage the commemoration of aspects of the history and culture of The United Church of Canada.

The Historic Commemorations Program allows us to better recognize, honour and interpret our cultural and historic treasures. A unique aspect of the Program is the recognition of the intangible aspects of United Church history and heritage: the customs, cultural practices, traditional knowledge that defines the Church.

The program recognizes persons, places, events and cultural traditions that have all formed the present day United Church of Canada. The intent is to remain flexible and open with this process to allow nominations to recognize many kinds of historic accomplishments.

Nominations originate within United Church congregations or come from individuals within the Church. The role of the Archives Circle is to provide encouragement and guidelines in their pursuit of heritage and historic commemoration.