Keswick Ridge United Church

The Keswick Ridge United Church can trace its roots back to the descendants of the Mayflower Pilgrims and early Puritans, many of them Loyalists, who originated from Massachusetts and neighbouring colonies during the years 1762 -1784. These early people established settlements along the Saint John River at the present-day communities called Sheffield and Maugerville, New Brunswick. In 1763 they established a Congregational Church in Sheffield. About 1802, some families of these early settlers decided to relocate about thirty kilometers from Sheffield and Maugerville, upstream along the Saint John River, to a higher elevation and where land was fertile: the Keswick Ridge area.

Trinity United Church

Known as the “Brick Church,” Trinity United Church in Charlottetown, PEI has been present as a congregation for 150 years. The congregation can trace its roots back to 1774 when Benjamin Chappell started holding Methodist meetings in his home. The first Methodist Church in Charlottetown was built in 1816 but the congregation grew to the point where a larger church was needed. Trinity United Church is one of only three public buildings present in 1864 that are still standing today. As the Fathers of Confederation walked up the street from the boats that brought them to Charlottetown for the first meeting that led to the formation of Canada as a nation, they walked by this church.

Hay Bay Church

Old Hay Bay Church is the oldest Methodist Church in Canada. This rural two-acre property and adjacent graveyard overlook Hay Bay, near Adolphustown, Ontario. It currently stands containing displays and interpreters and is still used for an annual worship service on the fourth Sunday afternoon every August.