The United Church of Canada Archives

Peter Jones

Peter Jones (1802-1856) or to use his Ojibwe name, Kahkewaquonaby (“Sacred Feathers”), became in 1833 the first ordained Indigenous Methodist minister in what is now Canada. Thanks to him, and to other Aboriginal Methodist workers, a solid First Nations Methodist Church was established in southern Ontario in the 1820s and 1830s.

Stella Burry

Stella Annie Burry was born in Greenspond, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland, on August 11, 1897.

At a time when getting an education was considered secondary for girls, Burry’s mother was insistent that Stella obtain a good education. She attended the Methodist school in Greenspond.

Hay Bay Church

Old Hay Bay Church is the oldest Methodist Church in Canada. This rural two-acre property and adjacent graveyard overlook Hay Bay, near Adolphustown, Ontario. It currently stands containing displays and interpreters and is still used for an annual worship service on the fourth Sunday afternoon every August.